The Fear of Growing Up: My Current Adult Perspective

fear of growing up - The insignificant soul

As a kid, I really struggled with the fact that I would eventually become an adult. In fact, seeing the kind of responsibilities that my parents dealt with instilled the fear of growing up within me. I constantly had negative thoughts about becoming a failure, losing myself, crumbling under the pressure.

As an adult now, I thought it would be good to look back on these fears and see whether they match up to my current reality. I’m doing this with the intention of showing you and myself that no matter how awful a situation may be, given enough time and clarity, you may gain a new perspective.

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Healing Anxious Attachments: 5 things I noticed on the way

I’ve been doing a fair bit of reflecting on my past relationships over the past months. In most cases, I would say I was pretty anxious whenever I had a partner. I thought it was just a part of me that I had to accept. It wasn’t until I learned about attachment theory that I realized how anxious I truly was. In today’s post, I’ll talk about what I learned from this theory and I’ll reflect on the 5 things that I noticed on my path to healing anxious attachments. 

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50 Inspirational Quotes About Priorities To Have A Focused Life

Setting priorities is such an important task. Too many of us try to do anything and everything. I need to do this. It’s really important I do that. But how often do you sit back and realize that the thrings you’re putting effort into don’t matter at all? Use these inspirational quotes about priorities to set yourself on the right track today.

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Essentialism: Do Less, But Do It Better

If there’s one thing I hate in this life, it’s binary thinking. Nothing is ever right or wrong. Black or white. Life exists on a spectrum. Last week we talked about maximalism focusing on more experiences. More emotions. More everything. However, this doesn’t mean I disagree with minimalism. In fact, there’s a certain subset of minimalism that I particular identify with. Essentialism.

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