How To Build A Growth Mindset

As we start another month, it’s once again time for reflection. Today, we’ll be looking at 4 ways to build a growth mindset. It will be crucial to remember these while on the path to self-improvement. 

how to build a growth mindset

Embrace Failure

As much as social media tells us otherwise, everyone fails. There is no single person on this planet who has not experienced the agony of failure. 

It’s important to realize that being afraid of failing is perfectly normal. That fear is a sign that we’re stepping out of our comfort zone, into a growth mindset.

As Seneca, a stoic philosopher once said:

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”

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how to build a growth mindset

Take off the mask, show us who you really are 

How many times have you lied when someone has asked, ‘How are you doing?’. It’s far easier to lie. To put on a mask and tell the world that you’re doing wonderful. But we know the truth. Times are tough, especially with the way the world has changed due to the pandemic.

It’s important to recognize that to build a growth mindset, we need to stop chasing happiness alone. We’re human. We were blessed to feel a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative. Happiness, Fear, Pride, Disgust.

With each emotional experience, we’re beautifully expressing ourselves. It’s time to take off the mask. If you’re not doing okay, then that’s perfectly fine. Don’t lie to yourself any longer! 

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how to build a growth mindset

Respond, don’t react! 

I have a bad habit of losing my calm during critical situations. There is always a moment. A brief period where a choice has to be made. Either surrender ourselves to our emotions, or to be rational and calm.

I’ve noticed that choosing to have an emotional reaction never truly works out in my favour. I’ve always experienced extreme remorse afterwards. Did that situation need me to yell, scream, cry? Did I overreact? Absolutely not.

It’s time to take another path, a better path. Now, whenever you find yourself in a critical moment, tame your ego. Breathe. What decision will lead to the best outcome long-term.? Taking this path will allow you to objectively look at the situation. Your emotions are a powerful ally, but do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by them. 

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how to build a growth mindset

Discover your inner self

Trauma isn’t fun. What’s worse is when that trauma lies hidden within the core of our being. We never see it in its entirety. What we do see is how it expresses itself in our everyday lives. In our fear of rejection. In our self-hatred. Taking a journey to meet your inner child is a difficult part in building a growth mindset. They need you to be the adult they wish they had. Only you can truly understand them. 

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how to build a growth mindset

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  1. Great post! It’s so important to be true self, however we have different masks in different situations for many reasons… There’s a lot of think about, thank you!

  2. Learning from your failures is one of the keys to self improvement. What an inspiring article to read especially as I start the new week. Thanks for sharing.

  3. “its not what happens to you but how you react that matters” This really hits home- so true- something we should all be keeping in mind.

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