Wealth and wisdom: Do Stoics care about money?

This blog post focuses on the relationship between Stoic philosophy and the desire for wealth. These ancient philosophers had a unique viewpoint on the role of money in our lives. They believed that it should not be our ultimate goal or source of happiness, but rather it should be viewed as a means to an end, a tool to be used to achieve other things in life. In this post, we will explore whether Stoics care about money, looking at the practical advice they offer us on financial decision-making and managing financial stress.

Stoicism and the concept of wealth

Stoics believe that material possessions and wealth do not bring true happiness and fulfillment – as these things can be taken away or lost at any time.

Instead, they tell us to focus on the concept of ‘inner wealth’. This refers to our virtues, values, and beliefs, as well as the relationships that we have with others.

It is seen as something that can provide true happiness and fulfillment, as it is not subject to external circumstances, and can stand the test of time.

How do Stoics view the acquisition and use of money?

Stoicism tells us that the acquisition and use of our money should be guided by wisdom. They believe that we should strive for the concept of ‘enough’, rather than an endless pursuit of wealth. This means that we should be content with what we have, rather than constantly seeking more and being jealous of others.

How Stoics would manage financial decision making, stress and uncertainty?

Stoics approach these financial issues in the following ways:

  • Recognize that external events such as market fluctuations or job loss, are not within our control, and thus not worth worrying about.


Do Stoics care about money? This blog post has examined the Stoic philosophy on money and wealth –which emphasizes on inner wealth rather than material possessions. They advise on acquiring and using wealth in a way that aligns with one’s values – striving for enough, rather than chasing endless wealth.

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